Deep Foundations

Deep Foundation Solutions

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading helical anchoring and foundation manufacturer. The CHANCE® brand family represents American made products for the civil construction, deep foundation, electric utility, oil/gas, railroad, and renewable energy markets. Backed by over 100 years of engineering experience, the CHANCE® Helical Pile System offers a technically advanced and extremely cost effective alternative to other foundation systems.

CHANCE Deep Foundation Solutions

A deep foundation transmits the structural loads to soil/rock that are deeper in the ground; as contrasted to a shallow foundation, which transmits the structural load to the soil/rock that is relatively close to the grounds surface. Deep foundation systems are used in instances where a shallow foundation is not possible, not practical, or will not carry the load. Examples of when to use a deep foundation solution are weak surface soils, unstable surface soils, or expansive surface soils.

CHANCE® Helical Piles

CHANCE Helical Pulldown Micropiles for Deep FoundationsExamples of deep foundation elements are driven piles, drilled shafts (caissons), auger-cast piles, and CHANCE® helical piles. CHANCE® helical piles are pre-manufactured steel deep foundation elements consisting of a central steel shaft and one or more helical shaped bearing plates. A helical pile is installed by rotating or screwing it into the ground. Each helical bearing plate is formed into a screw thread with a uniform defined pitch.

Helical Pulldown® Micropile

The Helical Pulldown® Micropile is a system for constructing a grout column around the shaft of a standard Helical Pile Foundation System.

The Helical Pulldown® Micropile does not require removing spoils from the site. By combining both end-bearing on the helical plates and skin friction along the rough surface of the grout column, the result is an increase in buckling and compression capacity for the pile system. Specify or use the Helical Pulldown® Micropile on your next project.

Installation of the Helical Pulldown Micropile

The Helical Pulldown® Micropile installs quickly in any weather condition. A hydraulically powered torque motor is mounted to standard construction equipment such as a digger-derrick truck, line truck, rubber tired backhoe, track-hoe excavator, or front end skid-steer loader. Continuous torque and crowd is applied to advance the HELICAL PULLDOWN® Micropile into the soil. As the helical plates pull the pile downward, the displacement plate forces soil outward creating the void which the flowable grout then occupies. This displacement pile system does not require removing spoils from the site. Some of the deep foundation applications, features and benefits are listed below:

Deep Foundation Applications

  • Commercial / Industrial
  • High capacity / Greater than 100 tons
  • Underpinning applications
  • New construction
  • Build on weak soil sites
  • Limited access
  • Bridges


  • Proven engineered system
  • Terminations for various applications
  • Combines bearing and friction – best of both worlds Extendable with bolted joint connection


  • Speed: 40-50 piles per day / per crew
  • High capacity
  • Predictable results
  • Cost-effective
  • Labor saving – smaller crews
  • No pre-drilling
  • Resistance to buckling in weak soils
  • Stiffer pile (deflects less at a particular load)
  • Additional corrosion protection in aggressive soils


Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing helical piles for deep foundations for nearly 100 years. For more information on our helical solutions for deep foundations, contact your Application Support Supply Partner today.