Disaster Recovery Solutions

CHANCE® Helical Pile Technology: Structural Damage Solutions and Coastal Elevation

“We turn to the CHANCE Helical Pulldown® (Micro)pile to effect the
stability in the foundation system that we are required to provide”

-Paul Amelchencko, Architect

Originally patented in 1833 by Alexander Mitchell, helical pile technology was initially used to support lighthouses off the coast of Maryland, Delaware, Florida and throughout England. Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has advanced this technology with continued research and development to diversify the application opportunities. Higher capacity loads are achieved through its patented product, the CHANCE Helical Pulldown® Micropile (HPM). This solution is ideal for structural damage repair for foundations and homes in coastal areas where homeowners are required to elevate per local building code and FEMA requirements.

The HPM is an engineered system of constructing a grouted column around the shaft of the standard CHANCE Helical Pile Foundation System. This solution is specially designed for storm damage repair for A & V flood zones while offering an alternative design option to more traditional elevation methods such as timber or concrete.

While foundation support design varies depending on the design of supported structure, building codes, and the geotechnical properties of the soil, there are several undisputable benefits for the consideration and use of helical pile technology for coastal structural elevation and structural foundation repair.

  • Superior lateral capacity to withstand future storm surge Triple corrosion protection allows the system to stand up to the elements
  • Eliminated need to move a property to install traditional elevation methods
  • Low site disturbance means neighboring systems will not be disturbed

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