Maine Helical Pier & Helical Pile CHANCE Distributor

For helical piles and helical piers in Maine, you can trust a CHANCE certified distributor. CHANCE is the authority on products for deep foundations, and our experts are your resource in ME for the CHANCE products you’re searching for. They are ready to assist you with any foundation problem. Find your CHANCE distributor in Maine listed below and start your project today!

Earth Anchoring Suppliers, LLC

19 Trenton-Lakewood Road
Clarksburg, New Jersey 08510

Alex Raposo
Tele: 732-747-7222
Fax: 732-747-4434

Other Contact Information & Lighting Contacts
Civil Construction Regional Manager
Philip Brackett – Northeast USA/Canada/Alaska
Tele: 215-870-0239
Fax: 866-733-4571