Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island CHANCE Helical Pile Distributor

For helical piles in Prince Edward Island, trust our CHANCE exclusive distributor. Through our intensive certification program, these dealers and distributors have met and exceed all standards for deep foundations. You can rely on the members of our network to always provide the best service and CHANCE product solutions. Find your Distributor in Prince Edward Island below and contact them today!

SMR Experts, Inc.

2959 Cote St-Charles
St-Lazare, Quebec J7T 2H7 Canada

Dominic Vani
Tele/Fax:  514-767-1200

Other Contact Information & Lighting Contacts
Civil Construction Regional Manager
Philip Brackett – Northeast USA/Canada/Alaska
Tele: 215-870-0239
Fax: 866-733-4571