Power Installed Foundation Anchors

Over 9View our complete Instant Foundation System PDF for additional product specifications and details.0 years of research, development and testing have advanced our Instant Foundation® System to its present mature stage. Compared to traditional methods, the Instant Foundation System offers attractive benefits in the conservation of labor, materials, equipment and, especially, time.

Power-installed anchors have been proved in thousands of installations throughout the world. Chance engineers have installed, tested and retrieved countless foundation anchors to confirm performance and durability. The amount of torsional force required to install a foundation anchor relates to its installed ultimate capacity. This means that holding strengths are predictable in most soils by choosing a foundation anchor based on soil data and by measuring torque during installation.

A typical Instant Foundation anchor can be installed in minutes using standard equipment. The superstructure can be mounted immediately – no waiting for concrete to cure.

Chance foundation anchors can be installed in all weather conditions, thus eliminating weather related delays. They can function as permanent installations or serve as temporary foundations. They can be easily retrieved and reused.

The Chance Power-Installed Foundation Anchor System includes a broad range of foundation anchors with various attachments for field adjustments. Chance support services include analysis of soil bearing data, job-specific foundation anchor recommendations, personnel training videos and hands-on demonstrations.

Non-Extendable CHANCE Power Installed FoundationsAdvantages of Power-Installed Anchors

  • Capacity proportional to installing torque
  • One trip convenience
  • No advance site preparation
  • No concrete required
  • No excavation or spoils removal
  • Reusable
  • Easy to transport to job site
  • Convenient storage
  • No expensive anchor bolts
  • Install through macadam
  • Available from supplier stock
  • Install with available equipment
  • Ideal for areas with limited access

Power-installed anchors are furnished in two basic styles: Variable and Fixed bolt circle base plates. Slipbase design is optional. Bolts, nuts and washers included. Can be installed through macadam (blacktop) surfaces. Rated to 25,000 ft.-lbs. of torque. Bolt retaining washers for the slotted baseplate are available.

View our complete Instant Foundation System PDF for additional product specifications and details.