ROCK-IT™ Helical Lead Section Penetrates High Blow Count Soils

The ROCK-IT™ Lead Section is an innovative solution to penetrate rocky or high blow count soils without pre-drilling or field modification.  The single carbide, patent pending design was developed after site testing of several rock anchor configurations to provide an economical, yet proven solution to reach load-bearing depths in high blow count material.


Key Benefits:

  • Wear resistant, offset carbide tip designed to break through rocky soil
  • Reduced installation time to save time and money
  • Reduced spiking of torque and chatter during installation for better pile performance and a safer alternative


Voice of the Customer

  • “The CHANCE ROCK-IT performed remarkably well at a site where we typically cannot install a standard CHANCE Helical Pile due to shallow limestone layers.  It has given us more opportunities to provide a helical system in soil conditions that we would typically have to walk away from”- Josh Lindberg- Helical Concepts, Inc., Wylie, TX.
  • “The ROCK-IT lead definitely helped us to penetrate the thin hard sandstone lense encountered at 11 feet. In discussing the test results with my installers, we believe the ROCK-IT would be our standard lead section”- Michael Kerker, PE- Highlands Ranch, CO.
  • “The ROCK-IT performed so well, I recommend the technology should be standard on all lead sections” – Dino Vito- EBS- Ontario, Canada

*as compared to a standard, comparable lead section in rocky, high blow count soils

SS150C1501488Lead, SS150, 6/8 X 3FT, ROCK-IT
SS150C1501489Lead, SS150, 8/10 X 3FT, ROCK-IT
SS150C1501505Lead, SS150, 8/10 X 5FT, ROCK-IT
SS175C1501507 Lead, SS175, 8/10 X 5FT, ROCK-IT
SS175C1501509Lead, SS175, 8/10/12 X 5FT, ROCK-IT
SS175C1501511Lead, SS175, 6/8 X 3FT, ROCK-IT
SS175C1501513Lead, SS175, 8/10 X 3FT, ROCK-IT

A Registered Professional Engineer should prepare the plan of repair. Please contact your local CHANCE Distributor or HPS Representative for more information on the CHANCE ROCK-IT Helical Lead Section.



Additional Information:

Bulletin SF04-112E ROCK-IT Sales Flyer

Bulletin TD04-109E ROCK-IT Installation Procedures

Download the ROCK-IT SA1501488 Drawing