Bent-Arm Pins

To retain Kelly Bar Adapters and drive tools for Bumper Posts and SS Anchors

Each CHANCE plated-steel Bent Arm Pin is designed to attach a Kelly bar adapter to a Kelly bar. The pin also is used to secure SS Anchors and Bumper Posts to their drive tools.

Bent Arm pins are included with new tools as required. Order replacement pins for existing tools as listed below.

The CHANCE Bent Arm Pin and Coil Lock are the only tested and approved means for through-pin attachment of drive tools. Do not use any other means of attachment.


Bent Arm Pin and
Coil Lock Assembly
C303-1226 3″ x 5/8″
C303-1225 3 1/2″ x 3/4″
C303-1227 5″ x 3/4″
C303-1223 4 1/2″ x 1/2″
C303-1222 5″ x 5/8″

Kelly Bar Adapters

Kelly Bar Adapter Bent Arm Pin and
Coil Lock Assembly
630011HD C303-1223
630012HD C303-1223
630013 C303-1223
630013A C303-1223
630016 C303-1223
630017 C303-1227
C303-0936 C303-1223
C303-0937 C303-1223
C303-0940 C303-1222
C303-0955 C303-1227
C303-0958 C303-1227

SS Anchor Series Tool

SS Anchor Series Tool Bent Arm Pin and
Coil Lock Assembly
639001 C303-1126
C303-0195 C303-1125
C303-0020 C303-1126

Bumper Post Tool

Bumper Post Tool Bent Arm Pin and
Coil Lock Assembly
C303-0737 C303-1227

* Each New Kelly Bar Adapter or
Anchor Drive Tool listed in the left
hand charts includes a bent-arm pin
with coil Lock

For Coil Lock only, order
Part No. P303-1215P.


Shown here as used
with a Kelly Bar Adapter