Are You Building a Solid Foundation on Borrowed Time?

If you are turning your head the other way when it comes to building your foundation, you may be in for an expensive surprise with your structural integrity. Even if you are not paying out of your pocket, you’re paying for it somewhere.

There are many foundation solutions for new construction application, including post tension or thicker grade beams, but these solutions typically require further stabilization down the road. Hubbell Power Systems provides an economical, long-lasting solution for your structural needs. Hubbell manufactures CHANCE® Helical Piles with quality steel creating deep foundation stabilization for generations to come.

img_1101_d-bruceHelical piles, a 178 year-old tested and proven technology, use a helices configuration. The lead section is installed into the soil in a manner similar to a wood screw. The pile screws into the ground with no need to drill or auger prior to installation. It is installed until it burrs into the load bearing strata. The depth of the load bearing strata varies by geography and location. Traditional methods involve auguring a hole to a depth specified by a geo-technical engineer via a soil report. These methods are often labor and time intensive, and work against the soil around a foundation which will change over time.

CHANCE helical piles are manufactured with mill direct, prime steel. The piles are more efficient in terms of time savings, mobilization of equipment, speed of installation, and displacement of soil. Through this technology, each deep foundation pile is placed at or under the structure to transfer the structural c1071440_final-for-dbruce-blog-pageweight to a location below the soil. The anchor works with the soil load to support the structure.

Once the piles reach specified installation torque measured by a tool such as the CHANCE digital torque indicator and reach the specified depth, the helical piles can be loaded immediately. This saves time, which in turn saves money. Unlike common concrete-based or friction piling solutions, when installed properly, helical piles provide both compression and uplift resistance to counter heaving soils.

In the end, when you compare a helical deep foundation solution to a concrete-based solution, the financial savings weigh far in your favor. Here are just a few of the many advantages of utilizing CHANCE helical piles for your next foundation project:


  • Higher building efficiency in overall time savings, compared to an on-site concrete solution
    • Immediate loading of piles without curing time
    • Minimal mobilization with simple installation equipment (e.g. Bob Cat, Skid Steer)
    • Casing not required in high water table areas
    • No auguring or soil removal required to prepare the site
  • Minimal disruption including less vibration to the supported structure and area surrounding the structure
  • Reduction or elimination of back-end remedial repair (which is extremely costly) and warranty claims
  • The ability to support new construction in areas with limited access and suspect soils
  • 30 Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty. See www.hubbellpowersystems/ for terms and conditions, including exclusions

For more information, please contact our National Business Development Manager, David Bruce at 573-864-0709 or