Bracket Performance

Bracket Performace

Bracket Catalog No. C150-0121 C150-0298 C150-0299
Anchor Shaft Size 1 1/2″ Square Shaft 1 1/2″ Square Shaft 1 3/4″ Square Shaft
SS Anchor Series Standard
High Strength
High Strength
Minimum Bracket Ultimate Strength 40,000 lb. 40,000 lb. 80,000 lb. 80,000 lb. 80,000 lb.
With 2.0 Safety Factor 20,000 lb. 20,000 lb. 40,000 lb. 40,000 lb. 40,000 lb.
Typical Achievable Installed Capacity* 20,000 lb.* 25,000 lb.* 20,000 lb.* 25,000 lb.* 30,000 lb.*


*The capacity of CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation Systems is a function of many individual elements, including the capacity of the foundation, bracket, anchor shaft, helix plate and bearing stratum, as well as the strength of the foundation-to-bracket connection and the quality of anchor installation. The last row of the table shows typical capacities of the CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation Systems that are achievable under normal conditions. Achievable capacities could be higher or lower depending on the above factors.


Bracket as assembled
NOTE: T-pipe crossmember is solid steel bar on Brackets C150-0298 and C150-0299
Standard-Duty Bracket
C150-0121, C150-0298 or C150-0299 includes these components