2-Leg Flood Platform

2 Leg Platform

2 Leg Flood Platform


New River, West Virginia


Utilizing the prototype of the aluminum flood platform that is supported on two 10.75” diameter helical foundations, the design also has shorter legs available if a trackside platform is needed instead. With only two masts with the helical foundation, these platforms could be installed in limited real estate areas, dramatically reducing the track fouling time during the construction process.

This was the first time this helical crew had installed this type of platform and the first one took about 3.5 hours and the second one installed about a half a mile down the track from the first one took 2.5 hours. First the two 10 foot long helical foundations were high railed in and installed to less than six inches above grade. The 8 foot tall masts were secured to the top of the foundations. Then the platform was high railed in two pieces and assembled on top of the masts. Finally the bungalow and stairs were attached.

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