Castle Hills Subdivision

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David Weekley Homes Castle Hills, Texas
Strand Systems Engineering Irving, Texas
Hargrave and Hargrave Wylie, Texas


Castle Hills Subdivision

Castle Hill Helical Pier Installation


Project is new construction, residential. Single family structure. Underlying soil conditions required casing of the drilled concrete piers. This proved to be too costly in terms of dollars and time. CHANCE® Helical Piers proved to be the most efficient technology (vs. drilled, cased concrete piers). Project was conducted in an existing neighborhood which challenged David Weekley with minimal disruption. As far as pier locations, CHANCE Helical Piers were installed at the same design locations as the concrete drilled shafts. Ultimate capacity required per pier: 25 kips per pier.


Products used in installation: CHANCE SS5 family including an 8’ & 10’ lead section with a standard new construction bracket. 33 piers were installed in a total of 3 hours (vs. 7 days that was estimated using drilled shafts).

Key Benefits

The overall install was expedient, cost-effective, and quiet (much attributed to the installation method which minimized the equipment required for installation and associated mobilization).