Edgewater Beach Outlet Pipe Support

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Conte Company, LLC Norwalk, CT
Danbro Distributors Philadelphia, PA
Roberge Ass. Coastal Engineers Stratford, CT


Edgewater Beach Outlet Pipe Support

Edgewater Beach Outlet Pipe Support

The deep foundation support system consisted of an I-Beam, connectors, and both vertical and battered (angled) helical piles


The City of Quincy, Massachusetts redesigned a storm water system to prevent flooding in a neighborhood next to the Atlantic Ocean. The multi-million dollar project included a new 4-foot tall, 115-foot long drainage pipe that ran 12 feet under a road and beach, ending in the ocean past the low tide mark. Quincy’s project engineer specified the use of helical piles to support the drain pipe.


While the soil conditions were known–sandy shoreline–scheduling the work was delicate. Significant time constraints had to be taken into consideration. Part of the pipe was protruding into the ocean meaning much of the work had to be performed during low tide. Low tide does not last long and can occur in the middle of the night.


Edgewater Beach Helical Pile InstallationCertified CHANCE® Installer Conte Company, LLC, of Norwalk, Connecticut was awarded the job. Providing strength for compressive and tensile loads, helical piles allowed for the ease and speed of installation while working during the limited time constraints of low tide.

Matthew Conte explains, “A lot of projects we do are design-build. As part of the bid package, we were given a rough design and the
parameters for the pipe supports. We then employed our own engineer to create a full design.” The work was done over eight days in October of 2013. There were seven ‘bents,’ or supports, to install and it took about a day to install each. Since the work crew had to travel, they took advantage of every low tide to get the job done. “We had to do a couple of night shifts because that was when the low tide was and it got a little chilly out there near the ocean,” continues Conte.

Each bent (support) was comprised of four CHANCE HelicalPiles – two vertical and two battered (angled) piles – supplied by Danbro Distributors of Philadelphia, PA. Also included were connectors and an I-beam for the pipe to sit on.

Vertical Piles Edgewater BeachFor the vertical piles, Conte Company used CHANCE RS3500 Helical Piles with 10, 12, and 14 inch plates and 5 or 7 foot extension rods. By drilling down through the soft upper layers of the soil into deeper, harder layers, Conte Company reached the required capacity of 57 kips at about 25 to 30 feet.

For the battered piles, Conte Company used CHANCE SS175 with 8 and 10 inch helical plates. The battered piles only needed to reach a capacity of 4.5 kips. They were installed to 20 to 25 feet below ground.

Though the City of Quincy excavated the locations of each bent, Conte Company still needed to use a large machine to install the helical piles. Conte shares, “We used our CAT 314 because we had to sit the machine on top of our excavation site and reach down (8 to 12 feet) to drive the piles.

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