Caracol Knits Power Plant – Potrerillos Cortes, Honduras

CHANCE Transmission Tower Foundation Case Study                                CHANCE Transmission Tower



138KV Transmission Line


Concrete was not a feasible option due to high price, poor soil conditions and long installation time so the client began looking for a new foundation solution. Helical piles were presented to the client as a viable option to concrete.

The Solution:

The client approved the new solution of CHANCE® helical piles to support the 3 new towers. The design plan consisted of a CHANCE SS175 lead section transitioning to RS3500 pipe for a total of 48 helical cast transition piles installed at an average depth of 25ft. Each tower leg had four helical piles. CHANCE helical piles can be installed in any weather condition and with smaller crews saving time and money.

Key Benefits:

  • Time to install faster than concrete
  • Standard equipment for installation
  • Labor savings – smaller crews
  • Learning process was easy and fast
  • Limited access
  • No spoils
  • All weather installation
  • Immediate loading