Riverfront Repair


Atlas Foundation Repair Rogers, Minnesota
Mattson Macdonald Young Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shaw Construction Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Riverfront Repair

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Riverfront Repair Anchor Installation Project



Warehouse on Mississippi riverfront downtown Minneapolis. Original building was expanded in the 1970’s, featuring a loading dock with ramp. The loading dock wall was out of plumb by 3” or more, due to adjacent bridge construction.


  • 23 Anchor Installation: SS5 and SS175 Piers, 8-10-12’ averaging 92’.
  • System of vertical anchors, pivots, clevises and turnbuckles.
  • Service loads of 20K & 30K
  • Based on 1965 Boring Design lengths of 20 and 25’
  • Pile for Adjacent bridge driven to Approx. 90-105’


Vertical pile tension anchors and turnbuckles were used to straighten the wall due to right-of-way soil issues (Limestone).