Waterscapes Condominium

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EBS Geostructural Breslau, Ontario
Pretium Anderson Waterloo (Foundation) / Exp (Superstructure)
Trow Associate, Inc.


Waterscapes Condominium

Waterscapes Condominium Helical Pier Installation


An existing factory had been removed years earlier from this site. The varying fi ll surface soils were unsuitable for shallow footings and required deep foundations. Construction of new 12 story condominium on remediated soil adjacent to the Grand River.


Design/build with CHANCE® Helical Piers were chosen due to the ability of the pile to navigate the soils with small obstructions and penetrate the cobble rich material (SPT>100). Installation of 730 helical piers with 6” diameter grout column. SLS load of 150 kips in compression. Seven ASTM load tests on sacrificial piles performed in compression.