America’s Foundations – Soil Profiles

America’s Foundation with Gary Seider: Soil Profiles

In this edition of America’s Foundation, Gary Seider discusses soil profiles and pile foundation systems with industry experts Mike Kerker, Christy Johnson and Steve Gencorelli. They explain why soil profiles and reports are used, and how this can impact the pile foundation system used. Read a summary of this video below and watch the full version to learn about pile foundation systems from the industry’s top professionals.

When Do You Need A Soil Report?

You cangenerate a soil profile from a soil report any time you tackle a foundation project. This will help you determine whether or not you’re dealing with expansive soils and need a deep foundation system. The soil conditions will give you insights into how far the helical pile has to go below a certain depth.

What is a Soil Report?

A soil report will help determine the depth of wettingand elaborate on soil profiles. With expansive soils, we typically want to drive deep foundations 25-35 feet. As moisture is introduced into the soil, bearing points need to be below the expansive strata. Therefore, the helical plates installed have to be below the point of soil expansion.

Pile Foundation Systems – Helical vs. Micropile?

Soil conditions will determine the pile foundation system that will be used. Sometimes to reach minimum depth, helical piles are used for expanding clay where a pile needs to be screwed in. For harder soils such as thick sandstone, a traditional micropile may be used and drilled, or even a resistance product can be used.

What Pile Foundation System Should Be Used for Home Raising?

Piles can be driven if the house is moved, however most houses need to be raised in-place. When a house is lifted, helical piles can be easily and quietly installed into the ground. The pile can be connected via repair bracket to the home and the home eased back onto the foundation.

What Do Engineers Want in Pile Foundation Systems?

  • A Community: Engineers need support and assistance when facing new challenges.
  • A Solid Warranty: CHANCE products are ISO certified to be tested for the highest quality of welding standards, and carry an extensive warranty.
  • Mill Traceable Steel: Engineers need steel that is new and unused, and can be traced at any point through the factory.

Watch the entire video to learn more about soil reports and pile foundation systems.